Sonatype’s 2020 Community Survey shows that happiness comes with effortless security

We suspected it a long time coming.  And now it is finally out.

The 2020 DevSecOps Community Survey  reveals that happier developers work in organizations with more automated security tools and better training, while they also demonstrated greater adherence to security policies. The happiest developers built more security practices into their applications, and the pipelines that build them.
Although this is no surprise for DevSecOps Academy, we are happy that the figures speak for itself !

DevSecOps Academy promotor of survey

Even more, we are proud to be a lead promotor of Sonatype’s survey. We find it easy, insightful and fun to digest!

Go have a look yourself !

The 2020 DevSecOps Community Survey

Happiness counts

Some interesting insights :

  • Mature DevOps teams properly integrate automated security tools almost two times more often than immature development practices.
  • Mature practices are 3.8x less likely to rely on rumors when it comes to security incidents. Instead, they’re focusing on empirical evidence from better integrated tooling and security teams.
  • Happy developers were 5.6x more likely to say they experienced “no friction” working with various functional roles in the organization compared to their grumpy counterparts.
  • Happy developers and mature DevOps practices are more likely to follow policies aimed at keeping code secure.